HELO Compensation

Contact Aida or Jeff – helo@helo4yourhealth.com

The HELO LX Compensation Plan is one of the most generous in the MLM realm. It’s easier to explain these kind of systems through images and video but I’ll give you the basics first and then it’s best to view the video and pictures below.

Firstly, the HELO LX is not available in retail stores, it much be purchased from a member or affiliate. As soon as you purchase a product, you can become a seller, starting your own business. There is no fee, when you buy a product you automatically qualify to set up a retail store of you own.

There are bascally 3 steps you want to accomplish and then you should be well on your way to success. The reason I say this is that there is a very active community of HELO users present in social media who are more than willing to help you. Once you join a team, everyone profits by building a strong network.

Step 1

Buy a product. There are a few options but you will probably either purchase a Partner Pack or Executive Pack. Once you do this you are a member and can start selling the product yourself. This first step allows you to make 10% of every direct sale you make.

Step 2

Now you have to recruit 2 more people who will be placed under you (one on your left and right). You can sell them the Partner or Executive Pack. With these 2 people under you, you will now qualify to make TVC (total value commissions) each week. The commissions earned will be between 10-20% of total sales for the team on the weaker of the two legs each week. The commissions are based upon the SV units or points you get for each product sold.

Step 3

Now you are going to recruit two more members each for the 2 members you just signed. They will both place their 2 new recruits on left and right sides also. As a result, you will now have 6 people under you in the network. Now you will also qualify to earn Royalty Bonuses each month, as well as your Commissions each week and your Direct Retails Sales Award of 10%.

Once you accomplish these three steps you will be well on your way to making some good money. Now have a look at the video below to explain a bit more about the program.